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Light and Shadow

Our Story

Art adds a real beauty to the lives of those who experience it, which serves as inspiration to truly move people with our work.

Wallindulge is a proudly Canadian made, home based small business.

We offer specially curated pieces and fair prices for high quality art. 

Artist posed in front of custom art piece

About the Artist

Welcome & thanks for stopping by. 

My name is Shenaed, I am the artist / owner of Wallindulge. I have always had a creative soul & distant dreams of being able to support myself & my family through my work. It wasnt until I was on my maternity leave with my son that the opportunity presented itself. 

We had purchased our first home 6 months earlier & it was a complete fixer upper. When it finally became time to decorate we were trying to make very budget friendly choices. I had the visions in my mind of how I wanted to dress our walls but couldn't find anything that fit both my vision & our budget.... so as a creative, I made it!


I shared my first piece on my personal social media & people LOVED it. I immediately had friends & family reaching out trying to place orders. Then I made my second ever piece for my bedroom & even more people were interested in that design,

thus the unplanned birth of Wallindulge.


Since then, I really dove head first into my craft, continuously working to improve my technique & develop new designs. I truly love working with my clients to help bring their visions to fruition. I am beyond grateful for all of your support & look forward to creating for you!

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